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Item #: 533-421A

All Brainmaster Products are Made in the USA.

BrainMirror Pro Software

Item #: 533-421A

All Brainmaster Products are Made in the USA.

      BrainMaster BrainMirror is a new software program designed to build upon and further extend research, education, and client-related work involving the brain and states of consciousness. It can be used in a range of practices including meditation, hypnosis, therapy, counseling, personal exploration, the arts, sports, mind and personal fitness. Introducing Variability Training. It is possible to see real-time spectral information, pause, resume, annotate and navigate back and forth through the records during or after the sessions. A variety of display modes are selectable including a bispectral filtered EEG display. This is a design loosely based the general principles described by Maxwell Cade. In addition to this display, the system provides advanced features such as live event marking, trend plots, spline-interpolated line plots, and 3-dimensional BrainScape displays selectable in a flexible and simple fashion. BrainMaster BrainMirror unique digital signal processing(DSP) methods show time as well as frequency in brain state changes and brings and unprecedented level of clarity, completeness and understand-ability to computerized EEG brain/mind monitoring. All of the complexity, dynamics, and documented in real time.

This software is designed to accurately monitor(reflect or mirror) the brain state, as revealed by the EEG, and is not intended for neurofeedback training.


        Used by Anna Wise(High Performance Mind), Patt Lind-Kyle(Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain) and other leading meditation and hypnosis experts



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      What are the requirements?

      • The BrainMirror software currently runs on the BrainMaster 2EB+, Atlantis I/II, or Discovery devices.