Interactor Cushion Software Manual

Here is the Interactor Cushion EEG - controlled vibrotactile software manual.


There are several ways to use the Interactor Cushion or vibrotactile toy.

First, connect the cushion to the sound output of your PC using the cables provided.  If you want simultaneous sounds and vibration, use the "y" connector supplied.

The easiest is to use a standard protocol that uses Reward Sounds, and choose "Space".  The sound will make the cushion or toy vibrate.

Another easy method is to use "MIDI" or "Complex" sounds, and choose a deep voice like oboe or contrabass.  Again, the sound can be felt if it is low enough.  You can also set up MIDI sounds using the Event Wizard, and these can be felt through the cushion if a low voice and a low note is used.

With either of the above methods, the cushion will follow whatever protocol you are using.

Another method is to use the Interactor Cushion software that provides a separate protocol-controlled control panel for the cushion.  This is documented in the software under Product Manuals.

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