The BrainMaster Universe Simplified: BUS

The BrainMaster Universe Simplified, BUS, is a guide for your journey through the complete world of Neurofeedback using BrainMaster Technologies as your transportation vehicle. This guide includes both instruction modules (in PDF format) and protocols using the BrainAvatar Software. It begins by introducing basic housekeeping principles such as setting up a new client folder or recalling an existing client folder for a series of training sessions. It then takes you on an adventure starting with the traditional neurofeedback protocols, Alert, Deep, Focus, Peak, Relax, Sharp, and Balance. After experiencing how easy it is to train clients with these, the more recently developed protocols of recording a 19 channel QEEG, PZOK, and sLORETA training are introduced.


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Zip Files containing instructions as well as protocols can be found here:


*These protocol design, and all designs provided by BrainMaster, are for demonstration and illustration purposes only. It is the clinician's responsibility to ensure that any designs used provide the intended feedback.

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