BrainMaster Support with Windows 10

The BrainMaster 3.0 Series, BrainMaster Discovery and BrainAvatar Software are all supported in Windows 10.


Due to a change that Windows 10 in the processing of MIDI output, the BrainMaster 3.0 series, and BrainMaster Discovery Software can display an error message with regards to the MIDI output.


Because of this, this requires additional items to be installed for functionality.


The CoolSynth MIDI Synthesizer can be found at the following location:


Instructions for installation of this program can be found attached to this document.


This program requires a Sound Font File.  Timbres of Heaven was documented in the installation manual.  But, any sound font file will work.


Timbres of Heaven can be found here:


Instructions on utilizing this file will also be found in the manual.


Soon, new installers will be available, that will automatically install these applications, so that fresh installations will not require these additional steps.

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