Puzzle for BrainMaster - how to use?

Instructions for Puzzle

Double click the puzzle icon in the puzzle folder.

You will the main screen, a square covered with one hundred thirty small blue squares.  At the bottom of the screen are the four control buttons

1) Reset  (Alt R)  Makes all the blue squares visible
2) Choose Image (Alt C)  Place a new image behind the blue squares  There are 22 images included with
3) Pause (Alt P)  Pauses the games progress.
4) Start (Alt S)  Starts the game

Puzzle reveals one square every time a point is scored in the BrainMaster software.  It can be used with any BrainMaster protocol.  An update that has a second level of difficulty is planned ( must score 2 points to reveal a piece of the picture.


When the image is completely revealed click reset- choose image- start.

Loading your own images into Puzzle.  Puzzle will display any image that is in .bmp format. Images are forced into the square shape of the screen, so it is best to use square images of you want to avoid distortion of the image.   If you find a non-square image you like it is easy to crop images in the Paint program included with Windows.

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