Relationship between QEEG and BrainAvatar

What is the relationship between QEEG and BrainAvatarTM?  Is there a connection to QEEG because the hardware or software is the same?  Or is QEEG an alternative to the BrainAvatar images?

QEEG is one of the capabilities built into BrainAvatar.

The BrainAvatar has two components. One is the imaging capability that converts surface data into internal brain activity images. The other is the addition of the New York University database, that turns BrainAvatar into a form of QEEG. BrainAvatar has both surface maps, and internal maps. Our surface maps are identical to QEEG, because the raw data and the processing are the same. In fact, the New York University database is the original QEEG database, now called BrainDX.

Because of the high resolution and speed of BrainAvatar images, it is an alternative to MRI for imaging brain activity.

For some reference data showing that the BrainAvatar surface maps are identical to NeuroGuide QEEG maps, see.

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