Flash Player and Flash Games for BrainMaster - how to use?

The Flash Player in BrainMaster allows for the use of games created using Macromedia Flash Player .

Requirements for using Flash Player in BrainMaster:

  1. Latest version of Macromedia Flash Player
  2. Must use Folders created with a Flash Settings File. Folders using settings files that are not specifically noted as working for Flash games cannot be used.
  3. Must have BrainMaster 2.5 SE

Using the Flash Player for BrainMaster:

  1. Run BrainMaster software
  2. Choose Folder Selections and then Create New Folder. Name your folder.
  3. A window will pop up that promts you to select a settings file for your new folder. Scroll down and choose an appropriate folder that says Macromedia Flash Games...or just Flash Games in the description. (Example. Demo Wideband Inhibit with  Macromedia Flash Games) Click OK.

    Selecting a Flash Settings File

  4. You will be taken to Setup Options screen where you will have the opportunity to adjust settings accordingly. After changing settings click on Use These Settings.
  5. Click on Run the Next Session
  6. Click on the Window button
  7. To the right of the Window Laucher, under BMr Macromedia...click on the Flash Player button.
  8. Click on Go in the Training Control Screen to begin game. (Some games also require you to click on START GAME within the game window itself.

How to change between games:

  1. In the FlashPlayer for BrainMaster window, click on File > Open
  2. Select one of the .swf game files and click Open. The game you chose should now appear.

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