MicroTesla Frequency Sets I - EEG Frequencies and Reference Links

The following are the current settings files in the MicroTesla Frequency Sets I Library.  It includes EEG frequencies primarily.  Reference links are also included below.  The MicroTesla is a pusled electromagnetic field (pEMF) device, and is classified as 890.5660 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Therapeutic Electfic Massager, and is 510(K) exempt.  It can be used for indications consistent with this classification, as detailed in many of the links below.

1-100 UGamma Sweep.mqt
1-400 UGamma+ Sweep.mqt
1-3 Delta Band.mqt
1-45 Gamma Sweep.mqt
1-70 HiGamma Sweep.mqt
10 Alpha Fix.mqt
10-100 Alpha UGamma Sweep.mqt
12-15 SMR Band.mqt
12-18 Alpha to Beta.mqt
13-19 SMR to Beta.mqt
15-100 Beta UGamma Sweep.mqt
20 Beta Fix.mqt
30-55 Gamma Broad Sweep.mqt
4-8 Theta Band.mqt
40 Gamma Fix.mqt
65-85 HiGamma Wide Band.mqt
9-12 Alpha Band.mqt

Following are useful links describing pEMF technology and device, and clinical uses:



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