New York University EEG Live Z-Score Database

BrainMaster is releasing a new generation of Live Z-Score Training (LZT) software. This includes both surface and sLORETA Z-Scores referenced to an internationally recognized database of normal EEG’s from the Brain Research Laboratories (BRL) of New York University Medical Center. This allows the computation of Z-Scores for 6,239 brain voxels, computed from live or retrospective EEG records using 19 channels of surface EEG. Surface EEG data are instantaneously converted into EEG power estimates by frequency for 5 millimeter voxels, and compared to age-regressed equations for normal individuals. Each voxel produces a z-score (0=normal) indicating the statistical deviation of that voxel deviates from the age expected normal values. This provides a rapid and accurate imaging technique, useful for assessment and evaluation as well as for neurofeedback.  Surface Live Z-Scores are available for absolute power, relative power, interhemispheric power asymmetry, coherence, and phase, for 10 frequency bands. Before implementation of the normative equations careful consideration is taken to equate amplifiers,     Eyes-closed references for adults are available in September, 2012, with those for children available in the fourth quarter of 2012. Eyes-open adult norms were introduced in July of 2013.  We hope to follow shortly after this with the child eyes open data. NOTE:  Phase Z-Scores for children (below age 16) are not functional in the current release.
We have worked with the NYU group to establish norms that reflect a flat amplifier response, and the Discovery amplifier response is flat over the operating range.  This effectively achieves the amplifier \\\"matching\\\" that is necessary to ensure accurate z-scores.  Our methods and results are being prepared for publication.  Example maps and results were shown at ISNR in Orlando.

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