iPad / iPod / SmartPhone / Tablet Interface

BrainMaster BrainAvatar 4.0 now supports a live wireless interface to LAN-based smart devices!  It runs on Discovery or Atlantis, and provides a live wireless display of any of the BrainAvatar tabs on a separate device.  iPads, iPods, iPhones, SmartPhones, Tablets, any smart LAN-based device will work.  It even sends screens to other PC's or laptops on the LAN.  No special software is required, this is standard in BrainAvatar and it works instantly on all smart devices.  Clients or colleagues can now bring in smart devices and get remote live access to BrainAvatar in real time.  The update rate is a little slow, but we will be working on speeding it up so it can be used for live biofeedback.  Watch for it at ISNR!


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