BrainMaster 3.0 Release version and notes

This Knowledge Base covers the release version notes, as well as the notes for each release of the BrainMaster 3.0 Series Software.

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Previous Updates


3.7i Update The latest update to the BrainMaster 3.0 Software. Only the latest version needs to be downloaded. This includes all updates from prior versions. Released 8-5-2011. Fixes a display issue when extremely complex protocols are used.
3.7i Update . Released 4-18-2011. Has a MIDI Sound enhancement designed for Marvin Sams to do downtraining with tone pitch modulation. Improves DC response for SCR, EMG, etc.
3.7i Update This includes all updates from prior versions. Released 12-30-2010. Has a MIDI Sound enhancement designed for Marvin Sams to do downtraining with tone pitch modulation.
3.7i Update Released 12-15-2010. Added Z-Plus additions for Live Z-Score Training. Refined PZMO. Infraslow training with 0.0001 Hz resolution and On-The-Fly adjustment now available.
3.7 Update Released 9-15-2010. Z-Plus additions for Live Z-Score Training added.
3.6 Update Released 6-1-2010. New Flash Player with built-in BioPLAY support. New firmware including binaural sound software capability for next software release.
3.6 Update Released 2-24-2010. Release uses new ANI Live Z-Score DLL Version 1.08 providing two new frequency bands (low alpha & high alpha) NOTE: This installation makes major changes in the low-level DLL Functions. Contact BrainMaster if you experiece any problems, especially with Live Z-Score Training and/or with Windows 7. It may be necessary to install the newest NeuroGuide 2.6.1 files from ANI - Or you can get the necessary update to the CVIRT drivers on the BrainMaster knowledge base here.
3.5 Update Released 2-11-2010. Added new EEG-Controlled Photic Output for Atlantis (See Knowledge Base for details). Improved firmware update (v24) for use with Respiration, Skin Conductance and other Peripheral BioFeedback Modalites.
3.5 Update Released 12-30-2009. New firmware update (v24) for use with Respiration, Skin Conductance and other Peripheral BioFeedback Modalites.
3.5 Update Released 12-3-2009. Added 4-channel text stats display panel; new color change for Z-Scores using range -0.8 to 0.8 standard deviations; new simplified way to create a new Settings file from Trainee/Study folder; new Flash Player with hot-switch and BioPLAY adapter (for use with standard and Live Z-Score designs).
3.4 Update Released 11-2-2009. Removed impedance control - impedance lights are always ON.
3.4 Update Released 9-29-2009. Fix to LZT Summary files. Has ability to turn impedance lights on and off. Holds off on the "z-score" prompt box when using MINI-Q.
3.4 Update Released 9-25-2009. Update with fix to LZT summary files.
3.4 Update Released 3-25-2009. Update with auto-thresholding on Event Trends, aux channels 1-4 support and thermos pop-up fixed for HEG.
3.4 Update Released 12-22-2008. Update with 0.000-0.001 Hz adjustability, fixes to Z-Score selection fo BReview, internal fixes for Full Atlantis Mode and BMirror pop-up fixed.
3.3 Update Released 11-10-2008. Bugrun fix and new USB files for 64-bit.
3.3 Update Released 10-25-2008. Update with latest BReview with Z-Scores and Events.
3.3 Update Released 9-3-2008. Fixes to On-The-Fly frequency adjust, BReview, Cricket and Bugrun.
3.3 Update Released 6-19-2008. Update: DCN128 (v4). Ability to set and display frequency bands with 0.01 Hz resolution.
3.3 Update Released 5-22-2008. with new DLL "emulation" mode to use Somatic Vision Games (Inner Tube, Particle Editor, etc.) with Event Wizard for Multiple Inhibits, HEG, Z-score, coherence training. In emulation mode, Event 9 shows up as "delta" for games, Event 10 shows up as "theta", and so on. Events 9-16 replace "delta, theta, alpha, lobeta, beta, hibeta, gamma, and user" in Somatic Vision and other add-on programs. This allows you to put in any event data and use it with the games. Example designs are included in this release. For more, please see the knowledge base here. Also added fixes for variability training via. Event Wizard, and StimFlash and Interactor Cushion SW with Vista.
3.3 Update Released 4-9-2008. All known bugs fixed.
3.2.1 Update Released 1-9-2008. MINI-Q II Session Wizard files corrected, MMP issue resolved and "very large files" resolved. The Update also has DVD player enhanced minimum brightness control, and new flash games: "BrainPlanets," "Robot Proportional" and "Geranium Proportional."
3.2 Update Released 11-15-2007. Known 3.1 bugs fixed. Support for MINI-Q II added. Percent Z OK New fixed and Cricket and Bugrun working and frequency bands issue (e.g. 0-0.3) fixed.
3.1 Update Released 10-11-2007. Included are a new "Session Wizard" that allows you to program complex session sequences complete with prompts, reprogrammed electrode locations, and support of the new Atlantis 2 or 4 channel MINI-Q II. All MINI-Q users will need to read in the new MINI-Q settings from the new settings files provided. This is important. Do not experiment with this version if you have important MINI-Q sessions to conduct. This version also has improved file export and playback capabilities. There is also a new "Session Genie" that can push files across a network or internet resource, and manage an entire clinical via server. There are also improvements to Z Score training, with many new functions for training all amplitudes, coherences, phases, asymmetries, etc. for up to 4 channels. There are also "lopsided" windowing functions, so you can train preferentially up or down in z scores. See the data dictionary for details. There is also the ability to train two people at once, both for couples synchrony, and for competitive games, with either 2 or 4 channels. There is also a new DVD player with a "minimum brightness" control. Please only use this for investigational use. This is the p0st-ISNR pre-release of 3.1.0, which will be revised further this month, and re-posted at the end of September. This release also includes some new DLL's which pose the inevitable risk. Documentation for the Session Wizard and the Session Genie are forthcoming.
3.0.9 Update Released 7-10-2007. Improvements to refractory period and sustained reward criterion in Event Wizard. Improvements to control MMP via Event Wizard so inhibits work. Updated Beta Coherence Range Training demo using animations and DVD. Improved z score protocols with points awarded, DVD and games working. Compressed 4-channel z score panel, so it fits within 1K pixels. Built-in MINI-Q setups for New Mind (R. Soutar) and Q-Metrx (L. Sherlin). Ability to train HEG (nIR or pIR) or TEMP using Event Wizard. HEG/TEMP uses simulation mode, and can play back HEG/TEMP files. Ability to award points (2 counters provided!) via. Event Wizard. Ability to play the reward sound (wav sound) via Event Wizard.
3.0.8 Update Released 5-7-2007. Full Vista Compatibility. Scroll bar responds to PgUp and PgDn keys. Further enhancements to Event Wizard including points counters (for 1 or 2 players!), sustained reward criterion and refractory period, updated MMP and DVD Players with single-frame ability and pause/unpause for DVD's. See the documentation on connectivity training using sustained reward criterion and refractory period HERE.
3.0.7Update Released 4-10-2007. Addition of a Scroll Bar to the main training screen area. This allows you to set up enormous screen layouts, and scroll up and down to see all the panels. Very helpful with 4-channel and Z-Score designs. (4 channel z scores should show correctly in this release). Training Screen now "remembers" its size and location for each folder. When you press "GO" and the system starts up, it will automatically move and resize to the same location and size that was last used for that session. This can be overridden or changed at any time by resizing and moving the Training screen to suit your needs. Four channels added to Event Wizard menu pulldown channel selections. Added built-in settings file "Z Score Combined 4-chan Amplitude & Coherence." Improved Flash Games so moving to next level is more fun with BrainCells, and less jarring with BrainMan. Adjusted high frequency gain for FFT and percent energy calculation to avoid overemphasizing high beta when software filters are not used. Fixed bug that caused 2.5 Flash Games to not respond in certain setups after they were updated for 3.90. Update HEG designs for 3.0. Update of John Demos' DCN128 with norms for children as well as adults. Ability to use z scores with 1, 2, or 4 channels (was just 2 or 4).
3.0.6 Update Released 2-9-2007. Extended low frequency filter range is now under a button on the Atlantis Hardware Control panel. This allows further extension of low-frequency range below 0.5 Hz.
3.0.5 Update Released 2-4-2007. Ability to set scale and range for Event Wizard Trend Graphs. Built-in folders and settings files redesigned for new features. Bug fix: Fixed bug causing errors with some 4-channel Z Score Setups. NOTE: Anyone using 4-channel with Z scores should move to this release asap!
3.0.4 Update Released 1-28-2007. RMS EEG energy calculated, displayable with EEG waveform. Epoch for percent time over threshold adjustable down to 1 second (was 5 seconds). Low-frequency response improved on Atlantis for very low frequency training. Improved SCC calculation for gamma, now very close to Lexicor. Improved screen layout when using z score panels. BReview improvements for 4-channels. Bug fix: Quick File fixed in BReview. Bug fix: Refractory period works for 4 channels. Bug fix: Amplifier ID corrected for NeuroGuide. Bug fix: Eliminated annoying "Comm Error" when simulations complete.
3.0.3 Update Released 1-7-2007. Ability to acquire and train 4 EEG channels on "3.0-enabled" Atlantis 4X4 hardware. Ability to train 4 channels with the Z Score DLL. Ability to view 4-channel graphs of EEG data with BReview. New function "PercentZOK()" for use with Z Score training. NOTE: If you are using the Z DLL, you will need a new "B Key" from Applied Neuroscience when you first run Z Score Training. If you have a 4x4, be sure to use 4 channels of EEG when getting your new A Key to send to ANI. Do not install this version until you know you will have time to get a new "B Key" from ANI.
3.0.2 Update Released 10-28-2006. A new suite of adjustable parameters dubbed the "Sweet Spot Suite", including the new or newly adjustable parameters are Adjustable Sustained Reward Criterion, Adjustable Refractory Period, Adjustable Autothreshold Epoch and Selectable Autoupdate Continuous Mode. Adjustable On-the-fly Frequency Adjustment Increment. Adjustable Digital Filter Smoothing Window. Adjustable Text Damping Factor. Selectable Filter Orders from 1 to 10. In addition, there are improvements to onscreen waveform displays to include average amplitude, current threshold, and percent time over threshold.
3.0.1 Update Released 10-16-2006.
3.0.0 Update Released 9-1-2006. The MMP and BMrDVD player now respond to the Event Wizard events that have "Control MMP Player" selected. This means you can control animations, sound, and DVD's using Event Wizard controls such as coherence, frequency, percent energy, Z scores, and more! Event Wizard MMP/DVD controls can be used in addition to, or separate from, the existing amplitude-based controls.
3.0 Update Released 8-28-2006. New BMrDVD DVD player accessed from button on "Window" control panel. Ability to select Atlantis built-in notch filters for 60Hz or 50 Hz. Ability to turn Atlantis autonomous immersive feedback (visual, auditory, vibrotactile) on and off. Ability to select digital filter order 1 through 8. Ability to use filter bands all the way down to 0.0 Hz. Can double-click to use list items for folder selections and settings selections. Ability to send Event Wizard settings to live training screen using "Use Now" button. Event Wizard Math Wizard equations are case-insensitive ("Theta" is same as "THETA"). Lexicor-type "Spectral Correlation Coefficient" (SCC) option for connectivity training. Sterman-Kaiser "SKIL" Comodulation option for connectivity training. Access to 4 channels for Atlantis 4x4 (device must be "3.0 enabled").

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