BrainMaster Discovery Release version and notes

This Knowledge Base covers the release version notes, as well as the notes for each release of the BrainMaster Discovery 1.0 Seres Software.

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1.5.9 Update The latest update to the BrainMaster Discovery Software. Only the latest version needs to be downloaded. This includes all updates from prior versions. Released 6-27-2011. Contains a new firmware for the BrainMaster Discovery. When utilizing this new firmware, we have made it easier to achieve clean, clear EEG signals, while at the same time, reducing the overall noise “floor” to well below 1mV. This new firmware will also make the Discovery more tolerant of poor connections, as well as being more resistant of outside interferences. For instructions on upgrading the firmware please go here.
1.5.8 Update Released 3-17-2011. Contains a change to the ILF response to match the Atlantis, for ILF work. With this change, Discovery ILF training should be equivalent to Atlantis ILF training.
1.5.8Update Released 2-6-2011. Update contains a fix to the ILF 0.0001 Hz settings controls.
1.5.8 Update Released 1-19-2011. Incorporates the 0.0001 Hz adjustability from the Atlantis software ("point one millihertz"). It also has some refinements and enhancements to make it easier to set up folders and create EDF files without errors.
1.5.7 Update Released 12-15-2010. Adds refinements to the ZPlus controls and response, and also the ability to do infraslow training with 0.001 Hz resolution. There is now also the ability to turn off the low-cutoff filter entirely, providing extreme sensitivity to low frequency signals.
1.5.6 Update Released 11-5-2010. Release adds the new Z-Maps Live Countour Maps. It also provides controls to turn Z-Plus processing off to conserve PC resources. It also fixes the phase text display with 19-channel LZT training.
1.5.5 Update Released 9-15-2010. release adds the new Z-Plus features including Z-Motive, Z-Mean, and Z-Scatter.
1.5.2 Update Released 7-9-2010. Release includes improvement to the channel ordering on the acquisition display, so it will show channels in the order that you selected them. Also, the 19-channel LZT text panels are compressed to be more efficient, while still showing ALL trained z-scores on one panel with color coding. Also, the new Z-PLUS features (Z-Motive, Z-Measure, and other forthcoming features) is enabled in this release. Contact BrainMaster if you want to use the new Z-PLUS features in this release. Z-PLUS is described here.
1.5.1 Update Released 6-1-2010. Colorized DC offset display, 19-channel LZT training option enabled (must have separate license), fix for if no settings file selected, fix to overwriting login data issue, adjustment to LZT for Absolute Power (fixed 0.2-0.3 z-score underestimation issue), ability to train channels 23 and 24, and data file saving if use hits "x" button.
1.4 Update Released 3-12-2010. Software has a speeded-up Lexicor file writing routine, and also installs the new ANI Version 1.7 Live Z-Score DLL This provides two additional bands (low alpha and high alpha). NOTE: This installation makes major changes in the low-level DLL functions. You will need to download and install the CVIRT Driver located here.
1.3.3 Update Released 1-26-2010. Software adjusts the new "MindSet Compatible" filter control (0.5 Hz - 34.0 Hz). This filter is turned on when both the 60 Hz andf 50 Hz notch filters are turned on, and provides a frequency response compatible with the MindSet. This includes narrower bandwidth, for those who want a narrower overall frequency response, equivalent to existing devices. This version also adds an option to write "Lexicor" formatted files and ASCII formatted files to disk. Select "Lexicor" in the Data Channels Control Panel.
1.3.3 Update Released 12-12-2009. Software adds a new "MindSet Compatible" filter control (1.5 Hz - 34.0 Hz). This filter is turned on when both the 60 Hz andf 50 Hz notch filters are turned on, and provides a frequency response compatible with the MindSet. This includes narrower bandwidth, for those who want a narrower overall frequency response, equivalent to existing devices.
1.3.3 Update Released 12-5-2009. Software adds the Quick Settings File capability, a new 4-channel text stats panel, color change at -0.8 and +0.8 standard deviations in the Live Z-Score text panel, autoranging of the Event Trend Panel, and ability to change Event Trend time scale with the "f" and "F" keys.
1.3.2 Update Released 10-23-2009. Software fixes a bug that caused a possible MFC error when saving EDF files on "repeatable" protocols. It also suppresses the "OK" message when using live z-scores with the Session Wizard, streamlining protocols that automatically switch sites for LZT training.
1.3.2 Update Released 10-1-2009. Software adds the ability to do 4 channels of DC or Slow Cortical Potential Training using Atlantis settings files, and also has the ability to inhibit the "OK" prompt box when using live Z-Scores with Session Wizard designs. This makes "hub-based" or MINI-Q style LZT training easy to do automatically, using existing settings designs.
1.3.2 Update Released 9-18-2009. Software adds the ability to launch the Review screen as well as the EDF browser from the home screen, a fix to the live z-score summary data for channels 3 and 4, and the ability to use imported Atlantis settings files my simply copying them to the settingd folder, but without having to rename the file "settings" to "settingsd." NOTE that the updated 1.3.2 documentation Users Manual is built into the software under the "Product Manuals" button.
1.3.1 Update Released 8-21-2009. Adds a new acquisition control panel with an onscreen list of acquired channels, plus the ability to check to make sure all trained channels are acquired. Also a cosmetic bug related to screen drawing was fixed.
1.3 Update Released 8-14-2009. Includes the ability to select any number of channels to acquire, from 1 to 24, in any combination. You can even do 4-channel acquisition and training, like an Atlantis 4x4, and only gel the sensor sites you want. Selected sites will be displayed and saved to the EDF file. All other sensor sites will be ignored.
1.2 Update Released 7-6-2009. Includes a further fix to the EDF+ file header.
1.2 Update Released 6-19-2009. Includes fixes to line-drawing for Discovery Training EEG, and a fix to the EDF+ file if a very long client name is used.
1.2 Update Released 5-11-2009. Includes improved EEG waveform line drawing, and writing of EDF+ files (readable in NeuroGuide, WinEEG, Persyst, etc.).
1.1 Update Released 4-16-2009. Update includes a 5th order Butterworth low-cut filter at 0.5 Hz and training capability for field testing.

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