TOVA interface to Atlantis/Discovery

BrainMaster is introducing a new hardware and software interface to the TOVA, available on both the Atlantis and the Discovery systems. It is designed to work with the 4.0 (“BrainAvatar”) software, and is fully integrated for EEG data acquisition, and can be used with the Live sLORETA Projector (LLP) and other features. This new capability allows users to “capture” TOVA events as part of the EEG recordings, on two of the channels. On an Atlantis 4x4, this allows the acquisition of 2 channels of EEG and the TOVA events; on a Discovery, up to 20 channels of EEG can be acquired, along with the 2 channels of TOVA events. Recorded events clearly show the timing of stim events and target events, as well as user switch pushbutton responses. It is possible to see correct and incorrect responses, as well as to see the time delays in responses. This is intended as a research platform opening up new possibilities for cognitive and event-related potential work. When used with the LLP, this method makes it possible to image and compare brain events associated with task performance, for evaluating attention-related processes.  Below is an example screen of the events of STIM and TRIGGER and RESPONSE from a demonstration of this interface.  We welcome inquiries from researchers or clinicians who are interested in using this interface for advanced work with the TOVA.

The TOVA interface uses the BrainMaster BrainAvatar software, and also the full TOVA software simultaneously. This provides event-related EEG recordings, in which TOVA events are stored in the EEG traces. This now opens the door to an entirely new dimension in continuous performance testing. We anticipate an entirely new set of research and application in this area. Imagine being able to see cingulate activity localized and directly correlated to task performance. You could separate false positives from false negatives and see differences in brain response. You can see if missed cues are due to excess theta, dropout of beta, or whatever. We don't know what we will discover. Because the TOVA is a gold standard for attention assessment, we expect some important results to follow.  This will allow us to subtype attention disorders based upon brain function in association with the TOVA.  Another possibility is doing neurofeedback during a TOVA. If simultaneous NF can improve TOVA performance, that is an important development in itself. It will have scientific if not clinical value.


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