Swingle Assessment - Revised

The attached file is a folder with the assessment design from Dr. Paul Swingle's book "Basic Neurotherapy, The Clinician's Guide".  For information regarding this assessment, see the attached file Ames_Swingle.pdf or see the online version at:


Simply run the attached exe file, and it will do the following:

  • Create a new folder in c:\brainm.20 folder named "SwingleAssessment"
  • Install the Swingle Assessment setting into the Studies section of the BrainMaster Software
  • Rename the reward sound "Click" to "ClickX"
  • Create a new "Click"

There is not much that will be required by you to get this all set-up:

  1. This folder is set up with "0 sessions" (repeated use of session 1) and for "simulation" for demonstration purposes.  To use the folde, change from "simulation" to "assessment" in the Session Control panel, and set the number of sessions to some number other than 0, to save the data in sequential session number.
  2. You will need to make the Swingle Assessment a settings protocol.  If you need assistance with this, please use the guide attached below.

Since this file utilize the Click wav file for it's Harmonic Test, should you want to utilize click as a normal reward sound.  You can either do this manually, by naming "Click" to something, then renaming "ClickX" to "Click".  Or, you can also run the file "RestoreClick" that is located at c:\brainm.20\SwingleAssessment.

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to run the Swingle Assessment, it is required to have Session Wizard enabled for your BrainMaster Equipment.  To purchase this, please contact BrainMaster Technologies at 440-232-6000.


The attached Diagnostic Excel file performs the analysis and report.

We thank Gary Ames for his work in getting this project completed.


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