Discovery 1.5.6 ILF Software 0.001 Hz Response

We have released the Discovery 1.5.7 software, that has extremely low frequency response in the EEG channels, for Infra-Low Frequency ILF work.

First install the 1.5.7 software from the bottom of the page:

By turning OFF both the 60 Hz and the 50 Hz filters, this version disables the low-frequency filters normally used for EEG.  The response then extends well below the normal 0.5 Hz cutoff, down to 0.001 Hz.

In the future, we will include a control panel item for this feature.  For now, turning off both notch filters will allow you to do ULF work with the Discovery.

We will also include the 0.0001 Hz capability now in Atlantis, in the Discovery software in the near future.

To see a tracing demonstrating the low-frequency response, see:


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