German Language Atlantis Code 3.7 - Updated to latest 3.7i

The attached file will install German Language control panels and menus for the 3.7 and 3.7i software release.

Make sure you exit the BrainMaster software before you do this installation.

If you are translating the BMr 3.7 Software, please make sure you have the latest 3.7 software installed using:

 If you are translating the BMr3.7i Software, please make sure you have the latest 3.7i software installed using:

Then download and run the attached file below, and it will automatically install the update.  You will not see any messages, it will simply install, and you should hear a sound indicating that it is "done."

Note: This will update the control panels and menus.  We have not yet translated all the "message" boxes.  These will come in another update soon.


Attached Files


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