Live Z-Score Training - Typical Single-Session Changes

The two QEEG's show what we are seeing as not atypical changes within 1 30-minute session.  Improvements in power and connectivity are evident.  It is clear that the LZT training addresses multiple factors, such as the bilateral delta and theta excess, frontal alpha and beta deficits, hypocoherence in multiple bands, etc.  Some coherences and phases are seen to rearrange, or move, as the brain adjusts.  Asymmetry abnormalities are also reduced, in both directions.  This demonstrates the ability of the brain to modify itself in a global optimization strategy, based upon a complex set of QEEG-based training parameters.  This session used 4 channels: F3 F4 T3 T4, and trained a total of 248 live z-scores using DVD brightness feedback.

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