What does "Error Opening COM Port mean?

  1. Check the serial cable connection. Make sure that both ends are securely fastened to the BrainMaster and your Computers COM port . If your computer has multiple COM ports, make sure you are plugged into the correct one. Check here if you are using a USB to Serial Adapter .
  2. Make sure that the BrainMaster amplifier is turned ON. The red indicator light on the front of the Amp will light if the unit is turned ON. If the light does not turn on, there may be a battery problem.
  3.  Make sure that you have set the correct COM port in the training control screen. To do so click on Data and then select the correct COM port . See Image Below.
  4. To verify what COM Port your BrainMaster is on you can go Start\Control Panel\System.  Then click on the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager Button.
  5. Click the Ports directory on the tree and see where the BrainMaster is.  Newer units will say BrainMaster, and older units will just be under the Communications Port.
  6. The COM Port will be in Parenthesis.

Setting COM Port

  1. Training Control Screen

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