Live Z-Score with Ultra Low Frequency 2 or 4 channel

The attached design will run 2 or 4 channels of live z-scores, and also reward changes in the ultra-low frequency (Slow Cortical Potential) using additional sound feedback.  It provides the standard "Mark Smith" type of PZOKUL training, and adds the SCP via. the Event Wizard.  Channels 1 and 2 are T3 and T4, referenced to linked ears.  Channel 3 and 4 can be anything, but are set to P3 and P4 in this design.  In addition to 4 channels of live z-scores (248 trainable z-scores), you can train the slow cortical potential difference between T3 and T4 similar to the Othmer approach.

In addition to the live z-score training, the design allows you to present a reward tone to the user when their slow cortical potential difference rises or falls for a continuous 1 second.  This is adjustable in the design.

This is an experimental design, and clinicians are encouraged to field-test it and provide modifications or feedback.  It provides the best of two worlds, in that you can record and train monopolar linked-ears data from T3, T4, and two other channels, and in addition have the true slow cortical potential derived from the DC amplifiers, as a second training modality at the same time.  This provides simultaneous normative database analysis and the benefits of monopolar recording, along with the ability to train a bipolar ultraslow signal at the same time.  This provides the unprecedented ability to do bipolar low-frequency training, while watching the EEG in a conventional sense, and also connected with a normative database for EEG biofeedback.

You can also replace T3 and T4 with any other pair of leads desired, using the Data Channels / Electrodes and Trainee Info control panel.  The design could also be modified to do monopolar DC/SCP training, in place of bipolar training.  With a Discovery, you would get up to 24 simultaneous EEG channels in addition to the 4 training channels, allowing you to acquire a full QEEG during the training, as well. 


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  • 2010-02-02 19:09:55eramsey

    Is the tone for the SCP meant to be abrasive? That is how it is coming across for me. What I have is the Starting Note of 33F, Instrument: 41 Viola at a Musical Scale of Major in the Key of A. Is this correct? What kind of speakers are you using? Some laptop speakers sound worse than others. You could choose another instrument, perhaps Echo Drops, or Flute, or lower the note. It's up to you.

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