How do I use my replacement/duplicate passkey?

The replacement or upgrade passkey that you receive replaces your old passkey.

To use the replacement or upgrade passkey:

  • Open BrainMaster

  • Click on Login to BrainMaster

  • Enter the BrainMaster Serial Number (4 digit number Found on the bottom of your amplifier)

  • Enter your new Passkey ( ex. J3P1-TRV9-HA8X ) Use all caps and include dashes.

  • Click OK

When you click OK you should get a message telling you everything that is enabled with that Passkey.

To Use your BrainMaster amplifier on a different computer with an existing BrainMaster installation, you must change the login information to that which matches the BrainMaster amplifier you are intending to use.
There are no "profiles" or any means of saving two different BrainMaster logins. You must manually enter the Login information each time you wish to use a different BrainMaster amplifier.

Usefull Tip: While in the Login on Login Notes. This will open a Text Document where you can type in your serial number and passkey and save so you may reference later.  Login Notes will also make it easier to use several BrainMaster amplifiers on one computer.

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