DC and SCP cycle training - Birbaumer, Tubingen

The attached design trains SCP up and down with 8-second intervals, per the "European" design approach.

The manual is attached in English and in German.

The second design "DC and SCP Cycle Training II" is more interesting:  it randomizes the trials, and prompts you for whether to train up or down.  Then you get sound feedback.  As in the first design, there is a different sound for training up as for training down.   The number of points you accumulate during that trial shows how well you did.  There are two separate points counters, one for uptraining, and one for downtraining.  You can see in the aggregate, how well you do on uptraining versus downtraining.  You can get a maximum of 16 points per 8-second trial.  You need to "click through" the first couple of trials to get the pause working correctly, then it works for 120 total trials.

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