MINI-Q II with Live Z-scores protocol design

The attached design will do a whole-head Live Z-score training session using the Atlantis 4x4 and MINI-Q II.

It will allow the user to train sets of 4 channels for 1 minute each, walking through the first 5 positions of the MINI-Q II, and do Live Z score training continuously during the session.

This is a method to do whole-head normalization in a short time, and cover all 10-20 sites during the training.  For details on the sites used and the functional importance, see the related articles.

If you use NeuroGuide or NeuroGuide for BrainMaster, you can then read in the EEG files, and make a report including whole-head amplitude maps, and connectivity maps of 27 different interconnections diagrams of coherence, phase, and asymmetry.

This design is set up as demonstration, using simulation mode and set for "0 sessions" which re-uses session 1.  To use this clinically, first make a settings file and save these settings into it, then in Session Control change the number of sessions to something like 10, change from simulation to training, and in Electrodes and Training Info change the age to the person's age.


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