BioExplorer with a BrainMaster unit?

  1. Install BioExplorer Software.  Use the software sent to you by BrainMaster
  2. Open BioExplorer
  3. Click on the BioExplorer menu then Devices (Top left of screen on the file menu)
  4. Click on Add
  5. Under New Device choose BrainMaster+, Click OK
    1. Note: The BrainMaster+ driver requires the purchase of a "BioExplorer Enhanced Passkey". This can be ordered from brainmaster directly, or call EEGinfo at 818-373-1334. This passkey is $100 and is required on the 2EW, 2EB, Atlantis, and Discovery Amplifiers.
    2. If your Brainmaster is gray, and is old enough to work with the plain "Brainmaster" driver, this is fine, and doesn't cost extra, but you may see the clock run at double speed in bioexplorer. This does not hurt the efficacy of the training but you can solve this issue by purchasing the enhanced driver.
  6. Make sure that your brainmaster amplifier is turned on
  7. Choose the correct Serial Port and click Set
  8. Type in your Passkey and then Serial Number and click Login
  9. Look below in the Status window to ensure proper connection. If any error messages are received, cycle the power on the brainmaster off and on, and then check the above steps.

Trouble Shooting:
1. Remember to press "SET" next to the port selection before continuing.

2. Remember that unlike the brainmaster login, the fields are in the opposite order. Put the unlock code in first and the serial number second. This is reversed from the order in the brainmaster login fields, so this is a common hang up for people.

Helpful trick: How to find out if the pass key that I current have already has the bioexplorer enhanced driver, but I don't have my amplifier with me to test it?

Solution: (this is a little trick we figure out, it seems to work) put the key into bioexplorer (devices - brainmaster +) ...If it has the enhanced key included, although the pass key will still say "login failed", there will be a long pause between the line that says
and the line that says
"BmrLoginDevice: serial: 3928, key L6X6-XXXX-XXXX: Failed"
If the bioexplorer enhanced key is not included in the passkey, then the two lines will show up together with no pause.

If you see this happen, and you do have your amplifier connected, then you either have it in the wrong com port , or you have forgotten to press "SET" next to the com port selection, or the amplifier is turned off or not fully charged. (remember that even if the red light comes on, that does not necessarily mean the battery is fully charged).

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