Discovery Training Information

The Discovery  Training Option is being readied for field testing.  This option provides neurofeedback capability on the Discovery 24E 24-channel EEG.  The Discovery Training Option will be released in two major releases in 2009.  The two releases are:

1) Discovery Training I - 4-channel training using all Atlantis protocols and designs, and all feedback modalities.  The first release of Discovery Training software provides 4 "virtual" channels that operate in parallel with the existing 24 channels of EEG.  The system uses all existing Atlantis (3.4) control panels, and provides the full range of feedback capabilities.  All training should be done with a full set of 10-20 sensors in place, and the user can use or create any BrainMaster protocols for feedback training using 1, 2, or 4 channels.  Monopolar or Bipolar training are possible, using up to 8 sites.  All BrainMaster feedback modalities are functional including sounds, graphics, built-in games, puzzles, MIDI (Musical Instrument Device Interface), multimedia, DVD, CD, Flash Games, Live Z-Scores, etc.  This provides continuity from existing 2E, 2EW, and Atlantis training, extending it to the full-head EEG.

2) Discovery Training II - 24-channel training, extending all Atlantis types of protocols to the full head.  Training capabilities include amplitude, connectivity, monopolar and bipolar channels, DC and Slow Cortical Potentials, and use of the Event Wizard.  Up to 4 channels of Live Z-score training are available with this system.



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