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Somatic Vision - Inner Tube, Particle Editor

Method to use Somatic Vision games with Multiple Inhibit (or similar) protocols with BrainMaster 2.5SE or 3.0 software


Somatic Vision games (Inner Tube, Particle Editor, etc.) that work with the BrainMaster software can be adapted to various protocols including multiple inhibit protocols, using the following simple procedure:

1. Create a new folder, or select the ”test” folder or other appropriate folder.


2. As an example, use the built-in protocol ”EEG Pro 1 Channel Multiple Inhibits” found in the menu when you created a new folder, or in the ”View or Change Settings / Read/Write a Settings File” control panel.  You can review the protocol in the ”Training Protocol” control panel.  Note that there are 7 inhibits and one reward band.  These can be changed as needed in the Frequency Bands control panel.


3. Run the BrainMaster software, either simulation or training mode.  When the software is running, open the Somatic Vision game program in the normal manner.


4. While the Somatic Vision game is running, select File/Custom Settings.  You will see the default presets, which are for a typical SMR protocol.  At the left there are 12 game parameters that can be controlled, in addition to special controls on the right.  It will most likely be showing the standard settings.


5. Using the Custom Settings control panel, assign the properties to the inhibit bands.  The program allows you to control any of the 12 control parameters, with any of the 8 frequency bands, including the inhibits, separately,  or in two available ratios, as shown:


Set up the control panel so that all parameters are controlled in the required manner, by choosing which game parameters you want to have controlled by which EEG components, and whether to operate in regular or ”Reverse” mode.   Note that if you have renamed any components, Somatic Vision still refers to them in their default names, which progress in the order ”delta theta alpha lobeta beta hibeta gamma user.”  There is an almost unlimited variety of ways (more than 1220 to be precise) to configure these controls to vary the behavior and response of the game.


As changes are made, the game will change its behavior to match.  You can move and resize the game screen to suit.


The game will always remember the Custom Settings you use from game to game, if you have selected the ”Last Custom Settings” selection in the ”Game Settings” control panel.

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