COM Port that my BrainMaster is on - how to change?

If you are having connection problems you may want to try changing the COM port assignment in Windows Device Manager as explained Below:

To access the Windows Device Manager:

  • Right Click on My Computer - the My Computer icon can be found on your desktop or on the Start button. 
  • Choose Properties from the right click menu that appears  - This opens the System Properties window.
  • You can also reach the same point by Clicking Start/Control Panel/System (Make sure Control Panel is in Classic View)
  • Click on the Hardware tab.
  • Click on the Device Manager button - The Device Manager window Displays a list of all your devices.
  • Scroll down and find "Ports (COM & LPT)"...Double click on Ports to view available Ports.

    Changing COM Port Assignment:

    Please Note that the following method of changing the COM port assignment may be different for certain USB to Serial Adapters. Please refer to the documentation that came with your adapter if this method does not work.

    • Determine the COM Port that you want to reassign
    • Right Click and select Properties
    • Click on the Port Settings Tab
    • Click Advanced button
    • At the bottom click on the Pull Down menu and change the COM Port to COM 1, 2, 3 or 4, up to 8.
    • Try using a COM Port that does not say "In Use" . You can force windows to use a COM port in use by selecting the port.
    • You may need to reboot your computer afterwards for the changes to take effect.
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