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PassKey™ is a specific software license designated with a special codes (unique to each BrainMaster serial number) and received in printed, E-mail or faxed form. Any or all Passkeys may be added to your BrainMaster device as needed. Thus, clinicians can add equity to existing BrainMaster equipment without purchasing new equipment. A device utilizing various passkeys offers clinical flexibility.
BrainMaster PassKeys™ can be purchased to enable home, school or corporate Neurofeedback training supervision by allocating fixed amounts of training time in minutes. calendar periods or unlimited usage. PassKey™ remote training licenses offer clinicians new opportunities such as client usage assurance and security never before available. Clinicians can now work intimately with their trainee(s) over the internet and by telephone. PassKey™ licenses give clinicians choice as to the required level of coaching supervision necessary for safe remote training in the home, school or corporate environment.
• Pass Keys™ • sold to or by the order of a licensed practitioner. Revised 9/1/06

Numerous passkey licenses may be added to any BrainMaster device offering additional
flexibility. A BrainMaster can be used in the clinic by using a Clinical Passkey. The same device can be sent home when acquiring a remote passkey and sending the device home after enabling the remote passkey. There are various types of PassKeys™ available depending on clinician and client need. Mix and match per your special need.
The Clinical Passkey license is for professional use and is available to Clinicians or trained healthcare practitioners who administer neurofeedback to clients. This passkey license opens all features of the software allowing complete access.

Minute PassKey™ licenses are available in 1,000-minute increments and offer the clinician or neurofeedback coach the utmost control over client training and offers built in incentives for the client to return to the clinician as recommended. Provides optimal clinician supervision ability and offers the client ease of use and a user-friendly home training experience. Available: 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 minute packages.

The Unlimited Remote PassKeys™License offers the client the ability to train as often as desired yet guarantees clinician coaching supervision. Prescribed protocol access only. Train as often as desired. Various protocols may be available from the clinician.

Calendar Passkeys licenses offer additional assurance especially to clinicians who rent
professional services to clients and are using Remote Unlimited systems.

Older modules (under serial number 1825) must be 2.0 or2.5 upgraded (no additional charge) for PassKeys™application.
*Please allow minimum 72 hours for all passkeys. Additional minutes or calendar passkeys recommended for added supervision capability.

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