Discovery 24E specs

The Discovery 24E is a 24-channel EEG and DC amplifier that is an evolution of the technology used in the 2E and 2EA (Atlantis) series of EEG biofeedback devices.  It will be available for field testing in the Fall of 2008.  It is fully compatible with QEEG systems such as NeuroGuide, Loreta, SKIL, and WinEEG, and incorporates BrainMaster training capabilities including amplitude and connectivity training, including Live Z-Score training.

 The device specifications are as follows:

24 channels

Electrode cap:  Standard "Lexicor" or equivalent, with Fpz and Oz optionally added

Channels 1 - 22 referenced to A1

A2 acquired separately, referenced to A1

Channels 23, 24 separate differential amplifiers with separate active and reference inputs

Channels 23, 24 connectors: "Atlantis" 2-channel connector with cable & standard touch-proof leads

A/D accuracy: 24 bits; resolution 0.01 microvolts EEG, 0.4 microvolts DC

Input range: +/- 100 millivolts EEG, +/- 4 volts DC

Input impedance > 1000GOhms

Common-mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) > 110 dB

Amplifier bandwidth: 0.000 - 100 Hz

EEG channel bandwidth: 0.43 - 80 Hz

DC offset signal bandwidth: 0.000 - 2 Hz

Input noise < 1.0 microvolt RMS (0.43 - 60 Hz)

Sensor contact quality monitored via. offset voltage

Sampling Rate: 512 samples/second

Data rate to PC: 256 samples/second

Connection to PC: USB, optically and magnetically isolated

Software Supported  (Live Acquisition) BrainMaster Discovery, NeuroGuide Live

Software Supported (Analysis via EDF Files):  NeuroGuide, SKIL, WinEEG, Persyst, EDFBrowser, other


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