Firmware Upgrade for Atlantis

This article provides information on upgrading the firmware in an Atlantis amplifier

You must first have the 3.2.2 or later software loaded from

Then go to

and type "firmware" into the search box.

Then select the article "Full Atlantis Programming" for details.

You are advised to contact BrainMaster Technologies support at

before attempting this upgrade.

Most Atlantis equipment can be upgraded in this way.  If your device cannot be field

upgraded, it will be factory upgraded without charge upon request.  Client must

pay shipping for the exchange.


You will want to upgrade your firmware if: 

You want to record DC or Slow Cortical Potentials.
You want high resolution, wide-bandwidth EEG data.
That is, you want to do EEG down to 0.01 Hz or up to 100.0 Hz.
You want to see the sensor impedance values on the PC screen.
You want to do simultaneous HEG and EEG training.  (we don't have
a protocol set up for this yet, but it would be easy to do)



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