Remote Training Setup Instructions

Creating, Setting up, and Sending Folders to Remote Trainees

NOTE: files can be sent via. Floppy Disk, email, CD, or any means desired

1. Start software in usual manner


2. Press "Folder Selections"


3. Press "Create New Folder"


4. Input name, ID as appropriate


5. Select Settings File to start with, press "OK"


6. Adjust settings as desired


7. NOTE: Check Number of Sessions, etc. carefully


8. Press "Use These Settings"


9. Press "Folder Selections"


10. Press "Session Librarian"


11. Follow prompts to make Floppy Disk or Email as desired


12. If neither Floppy or Email are used, the file will be found in: c:\brainm.20\archive and will be named e.g. "smitjohn.bmz".


13. You can email or copy the file from the archive directory and provide it to client in any way desired.


14. When trainee receives file, they need only DOUBLE-CLICK on the "bmz" file.


15. Trainee should follow the prompts, allowing BrainMaster software to unpack and install the file.


16. The new folder e.g. "smitjohn" will now appear as a choice, when Folder Selections is used on the trainee’s PC.

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