Can I use my own animations, sounds, or videos with the MMP Player?

Yes, you can use your own animations with the optional MMP player.  These can be avi, flc, or mpeg files.  You can also use your own sound files, which can be wav, mid,  mp3, or mp4.

The MMP Player also includes a DVD player that can play DVD's under protocol control.

Both the MMP and the DVD player offer start/stop, brightness control, and other parameters (MMP has zoom) for feedback.

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    • 2007-09-14 13:17:41Mike Griffin

      Is it possible to copy (and use) avi from my TT Procomp to the avi folder in my Atlantis II? Other than BM animation software updates, is there anywhere else avi may be found that will work on BM? Mike Griffin Yes, it is possible to use any files of the proper format. The TT files are suitable, in our experience. You simply need to copy the files to the folder c:\nfviewer using Windows Explorer. The files will then be selectable by the MMP Multimedia Player. The file types that can be used include .avi, .mpg, and .flc animations. The MMP can also play sound files of type .wav, .mp3, .mp4, and .mid To use any file, first put it in the folder c:\nfviewer. Then run the Multimedia Player. Select the file(s) using the browse "..." buttons to the right of the file indicator. Then press "OK" and "Play" and the file will be played. Make sure your MMP settings are correct, e.g. "Play continuously while above threshold" or whatever you need.

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