Downtrain SMR and Beta Design

The attachments are a design to downtrain SMR and Beta using the User band.


Attached is a study folder with a design to downtrain 12 - 20 Hz using the User band with autothresholding, and a document showing the training screen.  All the other bands can still be monitored, as they are unchanged.  This design also works the animations and Flash games, etc.  It is a variation on the built-in design "sharp" squash protocol.
It is set for a feedback contingency of 65% with autothresholding, so the user band amplitude should be above threshold 35% of the time.  You can adjust this in the normal way, using "u" to increase the percent time target, and "U" to reduce it.

Note:  This protocol design, and all designs provided by BrainMaster, are for demonstration and illustration purposes only.  It is the clinician's responsibility to ensure that any designs used provide the intended feedback.


Attached Files


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