Cognisys equipment working with BrainMaster

The Cognisys equipment works with BrainMaster using the standard MIDI sound outputs.

This equipment allows you to control DVD players, video displays, and other devices, under control of the sound output of the PC produced by the BrainMaster software.

For the built-in protocols such as alert, deep, focus, peak, relax, and sharp, you can add Cognisys control simply by making sure that MIDI sound output is selected, and connecting the Cognisys equipment to the sound output of the PC, per the Cognisys instructions.  In addition, most of the Event Wizard designs, including Z Score training, also produce continuous sound output, that can be used to control Cognisys devices.

The Cognisys equipment likes a simple, loud, sustained sound that is present during rewards, and absent otherwise.  For best response, select a simple, sustainable musical instrument voice like organ.  Do not use percussive instruments like piano or guitar, or odd sounds like "echo drops" or "bowed glass."  You may need to increase the output volume in Windows, or in the Event Wizard, to provide a sound that is loud and clear.

 For details from Cognisys about ways to configure the BrainMaster for their equipment, refer to:




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