ISNR and Training Workshop Power Points and Handouts

The attached documents are the power points and handouts for talks and workshops presented by Dr. Collura and others.  Nancy Wigton's poster on live Z-score training is now attached below.

Some of the larger attached files have trouble downloading.    If so, try the links below.  If you have trouble opening the file, try right-clicking on the link, select  "Save Target As" to save it to you local disk, then open the file.

Tom Collura's Power Point presentations are below:


January 2010 Technical Foundations of QEEG for Neurofeedback Practitioners


2008 ISNR Platform Talk:


Technical Foundations of Neurofeedback Workshop:


Whole Brain Training Workshop:


Foundations of QEEG and Z Score Training:


January 2009 Updated 151 page Tech Fndns Neuronal Dynamics and Z Scores


AAPB 2009 talk by Penijean Rutter:


The following link is to a report by Drs. Dick Stark and Bill Lambos regarding use of z score training.

This case was presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the ISNR in San Diego. /pubs/L,%20Sam%20Q1%20vs%20Q2%20CNS%20report.pdf


The following link is to Don DuRousseau's 2007 talk on Z Score training:


Link to Brodmann pdf from online webinar Power Point


Link to documentation including Z-Builder and Event-Related Potentials using MATLAB/EEGLab




Attached Files


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  • 2015-10-05 09:27:15tourette95

    Hi! I'm using the discovery 20 device (Software brainmaster discovery 1.6.0), but I have some troubles with bmz files, the file utilities just reads bmzd files, I would like to use the .bmz attached in the protocol designs sections but when I tried to extract them just a small part of the bmz file seems to work fine. I'd like to perform scp and infraslow neurofeedback , but I can not find a demo or bmzd file with that protocol, can anyone help me? thanks

  • 2007-10-10 21:57:26James R. Johnston

    Tom, this is the first time I have seen this (TFN). (I haven't looked at WQZ or WS9 yet.)_ It indicates to me a clear and thorough exposition. I would love to hear, or read, what you actually said. Do you have any written notes (or book)? Also, would it be possible to get a copy of your paper on quadrature? I faintly remember some interest in quadrature in the 70s, actually integrating against a sine and a cosine wave if I remember right. I never dug into that, but would like to find what you found useful there. Thanks, Jim Jim, I am working on a book, and hope to have something early next year. Yes, the quadrature approach uses time-proven techniques, including from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. It is based on an analog point of view, not a digital point of view. I will post an article on this. Tom

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