Basic Coherence Training Method

This is the simplest way to train coherence on 2.0 or later software.
It does not use anything except the built-in sound processor.
It is set up this way in the built-in protocol "Peak" which also uses animations, etc.
But the following procedure will manually set up a simple coherence training protocol with sounds.
in Data Channels choose 2 channels.
in Training Protocol: Ignore the protocol.  Coherence training is separate. Set all components to "ignore".
in Feedback Control: Choose Sound:coherence
Choose the type of coherence/connectivity metric you want.
Set the threshold at, say 50, which means 50% coherence.  Typical values are 20 to 40 for beta, 50 to 80 for alpha.
Train coherence: up or down as appropriate
The voice and style should work as you describe. 
Recommend organ, echo drops, other soft sounds, and "sustained".
in Display Options: Set display options for raw eeg, and coherence panel, possibly fft brainmirror if desired.
in Display Options: Select the trained component(s) in display options, also
Run the session.
You will see the coherence box(es) on the training screen.
When the coherence is outside the box, you hear
sound (if training "up").  When it goes inside, the sound stops.
Adjust coherence threshold using "c" and "C" on the keyboard.
You can also display the coherence in BReview by selecting it in "settings".
You will get much more capability if you use the built-in protocols:
Demo Beta Coherence Range Training
These use the Event Wizard and control games, points, animations, etc.
We recommend considering live z score training for any coherence or connectivity training.

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