Animation Files - where are they on the disk and how do I use them?

The animations are all kept in the directory:


The animations can include avi, mpg, or flc files.  This directory also contains the sound files.

The MMP player is activated by pressing the "Window" button on the training screen, then pressing "Multimedia Player".

The MMP control panel will come up if you have the MMP option.   If you don't have the MMP option, you will get a free video of the Grand Canyon that will respond to the training protocol by stopping and starting.  If you get the control panel, you can make many changes and options for videos, sounds, CD's, etc.

There is a separate DVD player that also comes with the MMP option.

You use them by using the "Browse" button on the MMP player, which is a button to the right of the animation file name, with three dots on it ("...").  This lets you choose the animation you watch for feedback.

You can run more than one copy of the player at the same time, and using different modes.


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