DVD Player working on Windows Vista & 7 - UPDATED

BMrDVD** Player troubleshooting guide for Windows Vista & 7:

Video properly functions, but no audio is playing:   This is a common Windows Media Player error, as it misses some important Audio codecs that BMrDVD** utilizes.  K-Lite Codec Pack, which resolves this issue can be found at:


Critical Error – Cannot use VMR9 in the DVD graph

  • Check your Hardware Acceleration:  Check this by right-clicking onto the desktop, and choosing the "Properties" option.  On the Display Properties screen, click the Settings Tab, then click the Advanced Button.  Click the Troubleshoot Tab, and make sure that the Hardware Acceleration Slider is next to Full.
  • Make sure you have DirectX 9.0C or newer:  An installer of DirectX9.0C is included with the BrainMaster Software.  This is located at C:\brainm.20\extraavi\dxwebsetup.exe.  Newer versions of this can also be found at www.microsoft.com.
  • Update the system fully:  If you are still receiving this error, you will have to fully upgrade your system.  This will require you to update the Graphics Driver.  It is also recommended that you update Adobe Flash Player* and Adobe Shockwave Player*.  After you have done this, you will also need to update the DirectX from the previous step.  When this is completed, turn off your system, then restart it.
  • The Graphics Card is incompatible:  This error may also be seen if you have an incompatible video card.  You may need to install a different video card to enable the DVD player in this worst case scenario.  Please contact BrainMaster Technologies should this happen to not work

2 out of 3 video streams failed to render properly:  This is caused by another program interfering with BMrDVD's opertation.  To solve this

  • Navigate to your Add/Remove Program menu, and begin to remove existing DVD-Playing Programs:  The most common programs that have been found to do this are by Cyberlink.  Once, you have uninstalled a program, test BMrDVD for functionality.  Once this message no longer pops up, the offending program has been removed.
  • If sound does not function:  Install the codec pack listed above.

If your operating system is Windows XP, please visit our Knowledge Base on this at www.brainm.com/kb/entry/119.


*Please be sure when downloading Adobe products, that you use a Internet Browser that is 32-Bit.  Adobe links to the specific browser you are using, and will download the version required for that browser.  Regardless if your system is 64-Bit, BrainMaster Software requires the 32-Bit versions of these programs.

**BMrDVD Player is an optional purchase from BrainMaster Technologies.  To purchase, please contact BrainMaster Technologies at 440-232-6000,

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