Can I train coherence or spectral correlation?

Previous work particularly by Kirt Thornton is based upon using the Lexicor equipment and the Spectral Correlation Coefficient (SCC) metric.  This was defined by David Joffe of Lexicor Incorporated.  The BrainMaster implementation of this metric was done with his assistance, and its accuracy has been verified.

In recent testing with Dr. Thornton, we have verified that the BrainMaster Spectral Correlation Coefficient (SCC) computation is consistently within 2% of the Lexicor measurement, for all frequency bands.  So it is possible to use BrainMaster equipment to perform this type of training.  Note that in the beta, hibeta, and gamma bands (above 30 Hz), the BrainMaster SCC results were consistently about 3-5%% higher than Lexicor, due to the superior high-frequency response of BrainMaster.  If this is kept in mind, training can be done on a BrainMaster, and the scores compared with Lexicor scores.

In summary, you can train any bands with SCC and expect results similar to the Lexicor SCC computation.  If you are training beta, high beta or gamma, the BrainMaster results will be approximately 3-5%% higher than the Lexicor numbers.

Specific results are being published in the Journal of Neurotherapy and other references.

 We have found that to ensure good results with gamma SCC in all conditions, the 60 Hz and 50 Hz notch filters should be turned OFF.


We made the following statement recently (7/20/07) to summarize our findings:

We found very good agreement in theta and alpha and beta  (within 1-2% typically), and consistently 2-5% high in high beta and gamma, due to the superior frequency response of the BrainMaster.  He (Dr. Thornton) expressed to me that this was workable, as long as it is understood and consistent.

Dr. Thornton made the following statement regarding this assessment (7/23/07):

"Yes I agree with Tom's assessment the delta, beta1 and beta2 run 4 points above the lexicor, the theta and alpha are on the money. Since it is a very rare event for a subject to get a 96 there is no problem and you wouldn't bother with a 96 anyway as the problems are the lower numbers."




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