Can I use two monitors with BrainMaster?

Yes, you can use two (or more) monitors with the BrainMaster software.

In Windows, use your Display Properties Settings tab to see the monitors you have available.  There will likely be two showing on the display.  Click on the second monitor, and select "Extend Windows Desktop onto this Monitor" and click OK.  You will then see the second monitor activate.  You can drag any BrainMaster windows onto the second monitor, including games, summaries, and other windows, for display concurrent with the main display.

You can use as many monitors as Windows will support on your PC, up to 7.

Most laptop PC's will automatically support a second monitor, using the built-in video output connector.  You need only buy a second monitor.  A second LCD monitor can usually be bought for $200 or less.

For a desktop PC, you will usually have to buy a second video card, unless you have a dual monitor card (usually an AGP card).  A second video card is usually well below $100, and a second monitor is less than $200.

It is usually well worth investing in a second monitor, since  you have great flexibility with the BrainMaster software to use it for a variety of uses.


This is also documented in the Helpful Hints, attached below.

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