BrainAvatar® 4.0 for the Atlantis Series

Atlantis BrainAvatar® 4.0 Software

The BrainAvatar® 4.0 software release is the latest in a series of innovations and improvements in the BrainMaster EEG training System. During the last year 3.5 has introduced more than 100 specific enhancements in all areas of protocol design, EEG feedback, displays, sounds, training screens, and data review and analysis. Support for 4-19 channels has been extended and improved.

BrainAvatar® 4.0 for Atlantis varies our previous generations of software to the next level in ease of use and advanced features. A streamlined tabbed interface provides multiple screen at the press of a button. View raw or filtered waveforms, control panels, feedback screens, or reports at any time. Separate screen for trainee with its own 8 tabs provides versatile training displays. New 2D and 3D displays improve clarity and quality of displays. Innovative Z-Builder allows you to build training norms based on your clients, to provide individualized training, with or without normative Z-Scores. Fully integrated with all Atlantis capabilities including continuous impedance monitoring, peripheral biofeedback, DC and Slow Cortical Potentials, Infra-Low Training, and combined protocols.

BrainAvatar® 4.0 for Atlantis(533-140)
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BrainAvatar®4.0 Upgrade from3.0(533-141)
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